Roelly 2021 Olympia Prep + Is Blessing Posting Old Pics? + Patrick Moore HUGE + Hassan Posing Video

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0:00 Intro
0:08 Roelly Winklaar Back to Training
2:05 Is Blessing Posting Old Pictures from his amateur prep?
4:50 Hassan Mustafa Posing Video
6:25 Nick Walker Update
7:20 Patrick Moore looking WAY Bigger

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  1. Nick's Strength and Power
    Nick's Strength and Power
    Acum lună

    TIMESTAMPS BELOW 0:00 Intro 0:08 Roelly Winklaar Back to Training 2:05 Is Blessing Posting Old Pictures from his amateur prep? 4:50 Hassan Mustafa Posing Video 6:25 Nick Walker Update 7:20 Patrick Moore looking WAY Bigger

    1. Jesse Langdon
      Jesse Langdon
      Acum lună

      Stut the hell up

    2. mbwamkaliUSA
      Acum lună

      Love the way Roelly behaves on and off stage. A great competitor with a huge 💜. Definitely want to have him back on the Olympia stage.

      Acum lună

      1st 💪🏼🦵🏆

  2. Hangar1318
    Acum 15 Zile

    Alright what's going on Nick?

  3. Christien Brookshaw
    Christien Brookshaw
    Acum lună

    Roelly needs to go back to the source (sauce) at Oxygen 😆

  4. Gary Host
    Gary Host
    Acum lună

    Them trunks look nice from the back. Would go deep on that

  5. Kem Lifestyle
    Kem Lifestyle
    Acum lună

    I’ve said from day 1 Hassan looks better with a shirt on. Everyone over hyped, great guy but yeah I couldn’t have commented that more. Hope he does well

  6. Kem Lifestyle
    Kem Lifestyle
    Acum lună

    Blessing is a genius, sports has always been about mind games

  7. Daniel Karlsson
    Daniel Karlsson
    Acum lună

    Hassan will win , Nick second , Justin third

  8. Harsh Muscle TV
    Harsh Muscle TV
    Acum lună

    Blessing is out of 3 he is only talking

  9. DrJibson
    Acum lună

    5:43 his obliques are catching light over his abs

  10. DrJibson
    Acum lună

    Roelly would've place second in the 2020 Olympia. He would've given Ramy a challenge, something he definitely didn't have.

  11. Bogdan Paunescu
    Bogdan Paunescu
    Acum lună

    Nick: "the big thing that people are pointing out"...zooms in on Blessing's junk :))

  12. Dan Cellana
    Dan Cellana
    Acum lună

    This is great! Perfect! Thank you!

  13. kevinus99
    Acum lună

    Blessing playing some gamemanship....I am not mad a that 😂

  14. Perfect Yandile
    Perfect Yandile
    Acum lună

    Blessing got the biggest bodybuilding channel talking about him. Week in week out

  15. Brent DuBois
    Brent DuBois
    Acum lună

    Nicks arms and shoulders dwarf his chest

  16. Rodney Hammon
    Rodney Hammon
    Acum lună

    Bring Roelly back!…He’s great!…

  17. Ledzepisbest1
    Acum lună

    Silly question Nick, but if Nick Walker wins this next comp, do you think more people will be utilizing the muscle stimulators like Walker uses? Thanks

  18. Jesse Langdon
    Jesse Langdon
    Acum lună


  19. Zach Wagner
    Zach Wagner
    Acum lună

    I think it would awesome to see Nick jump into Indy. Honesty, nothing would please me more than to see him shut Blessing up.

  20. Indraraj Gunasekara
    Indraraj Gunasekara
    Acum lună

    Blessing's legs are poor for a pro standard, and that's not a hit on him. He's young and has gifted genetics, he can bring them up if he's given enough time. But there's only so much he can bring them up in around a year. I think his legs may be better than his amateur showing, but I wouldn't expect them to be amazing.

  21. Rambo
    Acum lună

    Blessing better stay amateur!

  22. Prasurjya Kashyap
    Prasurjya Kashyap
    Acum lună

    Blessing go to MensP department. There u can compete with no legs.

  23. Josue166
    Acum lună

    *And now some Crypto + body building jokes* : Hassan + Nick = *The Real BlockChain*

  24. Prasurjya Kashyap
    Prasurjya Kashyap
    Acum lună

    Blessings hamstring be like: hey i dont even exist....

  25. eleanor aisyah
    eleanor aisyah
    Acum lună

    Not-so-blessed adobo chicken

  26. Maurice
    Acum lună

    nicks chest size looks somehow weird comapred to his arms and delts

  27. Bass Head
    Bass Head
    Acum lună

    Blessing is pulling the chris bumstead and showing up like Breon lol

  28. andrew humphreys
    andrew humphreys
    Acum lună

    Is it actually believable that Roelly, a professional bodybuilder, did zero training at all for seven weeks? No dumbells at home? No pressups, no situps, no calisthenics - nothing? Find that somewhat incredulous.

  29. sazileinstein
    Acum lună

    The video posted is recent .. if u carefully look at his hair style n compare it with the one of his amateur show ... frm back the hair line shd be way higher wrt his ears(its kinda weird n difficult)..cuz in the old pic the hair line is way higher than his ear level...

  30. Grant Chandler
    Grant Chandler
    Acum lună

    Honestly, I personally like Blessings physique more than any of the other competitors (more of a classic aesthetic look). That being said, he's going to be in trouble competing in men's open if his legs aren't much improved.

  31. samyj78
    Acum lună

    I like hassan. however, triceps are lacking, soft as a marshmallow.

  32. Viidi
    Acum lună

    Im calling it, Hassan 1st, Nick 2nd. Blessing doesnt have a chance against them

  33. Dean Nicholson
    Dean Nicholson
    Acum lună

    Nick Walker and Hunter are the future of bodybuilding!!!

  34. howard condoman
    howard condoman
    Acum lună

    Hassan is not ready, youre right. Not lean enough. Too much distention

    Acum lună

    I think it's a sneak peak of blessing with his old show's prep.... We need to wait for banger 🔥

  36. Pulse Nutrition Concepts
    Pulse Nutrition Concepts
    Acum lună

    Assessing a bodybuilders midsection weeks out of a show, while they're still pounding huge meals and gallons of water per day, is almost meaningless and has very little to no bearing one how that midsection will look come showtime after depletion.

  37. Rahul Avinash Sewcharan
    Rahul Avinash Sewcharan
    Acum lună

    Hassan looks crazy huge

  38. Devil's Advocate
    Devil's Advocate
    Acum lună

    Roley looks like a damn cartoon character

  39. Deranged Clan
    Deranged Clan
    Acum lună

    A little worried about patrick’s legs...

  40. Tony Huynh
    Tony Huynh
    Acum lună

    Patrick Moore is one of my favorite bodybuilders of this generation. He’s got a great structure, and he’s a straight up gentleman.

  41. Filippo Casini
    Filippo Casini
    Acum lună

    I love blessing...Number One...makinh huge amount of Money enjoy Life and be a Beast

  42. reggie jarmon
    reggie jarmon
    Acum lună

    He’s definitely posting old updates lol you can tell he’s trolling.

  43. Don Johnson
    Don Johnson
    Acum lună

    Man, you gotta feel bad for Roelly, he must be under so much stress! Those are DEFINITELY old picks of blessing his waist and legs are both much thicker now. He still has a slim waiste, but not that slim. Those are probably vids from his arnold prep at the beginning of the pandemic that was canceled...

  44. Ârbáz Sháîkh
    Ârbáz Sháîkh
    Acum lună

    1st Hasan 2nd Nick 3rd blessing

  45. Ârbáz Sháîkh
    Ârbáz Sháîkh
    Acum lună

    1st hasan 💪

  46. Martin Montero
    Martin Montero
    Acum lună

    From what I heard, Hassan is unsure if he's going to compete in the NY pro or not, it depends on how he comes out of the Ramadan

  47. Informal Youtuber
    Informal Youtuber
    Acum lună

    Posting old pics would be a great way for Blessing to blow everyone away.

  48. Pipper This
    Pipper This
    Acum lună

    Patrick Moore should try into movies and he's already left mark in bodybuilding

  49. Alex Banfield
    Alex Banfield
    Acum lună

    They’re def new ones

  50. Ben BenetisLifting
    Ben BenetisLifting
    Acum lună

    Nick is gonna absolutely crush everybody.

  51. Dawid Czechowicz
    Dawid Czechowicz
    Acum lună

    Theres a pro show in egypt in like 15 weeks bro thats why roelly can go to oxygen

  52. Orante Frazier
    Orante Frazier
    Acum lună

    I think that's a smart move by Blessing. You should never tip your hand when getting ready for a competition.

  53. B R Tej
    B R Tej
    Acum lună

    These are recents. He has beard in recent updates.....

  54. Adam Heeley
    Adam Heeley
    Acum lună

    I feel like I havent seen Nick's back update in a loooooong time....

  55. waleedkhot
    Acum lună

    patrick moore is a modern day levrone

  56. Justartsndstuff
    Acum lună

    I mean... Patrick moore looks like hes in prep

  57. DH
    Acum lună

    you would almost think someone like roelly has atleast some dumbells and free weights and a barbell at home or knows somewhere where he can train. but i guess not

  58. Mass Aesthetics
    Mass Aesthetics
    Acum lună

    That’s Blessings current physique lol

  59. Dan Johansen
    Dan Johansen
    Acum lună

    do your guys believe all they say

    Acum lună

    Being a seasoned Instagrammer and taking coaching tips from someone as straight forward as Kai Greene, Blessing might not win, but he can definitely fool .

  61. Michael McCallum
    Michael McCallum
    Acum lună

    Blessings hairline is completely different!

    Acum lună

    Blessing isn’t posting old picture just watch his latest leg workout on ROsection. The pictures are now

  63. Arthur Mabee Jr
    Arthur Mabee Jr
    Acum lună

    Blessing has been posting older pictures, he has improved his legs drastically even just 2 weeks ago. The pictures are 15-18 weeks ago like I said before lol😂👍 Rolley the beast will qualify for the 2021 Olympia!

  64. FlyiingBear
    Acum lună

    Man everyone saying Patrick's getting bigger, but he looks the same size as always

  65. Blair Monkman
    Blair Monkman
    Acum lună

    What date is the NY Pro?

  66. Solo the Mon
    Solo the Mon
    Acum lună

    Blessing is the new Kai, he's just a troll

  67. Randolph Eno
    Randolph Eno
    Acum lună

    Hassan and Nick are most likely showing a couple weeks behind. Blessing is most likely showing old photo and film at this point. He had been show week older pics.

  68. Modar Modar
    Modar Modar
    Acum lună

    7 weeks bruhh. It's not true

  69. john lopez
    john lopez
    Acum lună

    Nick is massive n vascular. The blocky torso, that’s genetics, he needs to practice on posing that is all he needs to do. He got everything else

  70. Micro Man
    Micro Man
    Acum lună

    I was just thinking yester why did it look like his back get worse closer to his show

  71. SuperSteel Steve
    SuperSteel Steve
    Acum lună

    Everyone keeps saying how good Hassan is off that 1 most muscular with the tank on. The more I see of hassan the less impressed I am.

  72. Catchy Number
    Catchy Number
    Acum lună

    I didnt even realize Hasan is as good as he is! Fighting for 2nd place guys.

  73. Catchy Number
    Catchy Number
    Acum lună

    Hassan and Walker will be battling for the sandow very soon and for years to come. Both are mind blowing with Walker bringing the freak factor (we love our freaks) and Hassan bringing the polish and refined mass and quality his experience and time have earned him. As always the day of is what counts!

  74. Andre Mac
    Andre Mac
    Acum lună

    Why does Nick keep saying Hasan and nick are comparable...those physiques look NOTHING alike Hasan is so much more superior and aesthetically pleasing

  75. Spam Food
    Spam Food
    Acum lună

    Roelly always looks bloated. He has that synthol appearance, it just isn’t aesthetic.

  76. paksau1
    Acum lună

    Legs still subpar for Blessing compared to his upper body

  77. Adam Wallace
    Adam Wallace
    Acum lună

    Hassan's mid section could be blocky and bloated due to the way he is having to take in his food through Ramadan. Just a guess though.

  78. Jonathan Arevalo
    Jonathan Arevalo
    Acum lună

    I think this pics of blessing might be from last year when he was preparing for the Arnold’s befor it got canceled!!!!

  79. Lpass2020
    Acum lună

    Blessing literally looks like a walking fly swatter. It's called BODYbuilding for a reason. Not upperbackbuilding.

  80. Stephen Curran
    Stephen Curran
    Acum lună

    Honestly patrick doesnt look much improved to me, hes the most overrated bodybuilder in the ifbb imo

  81. Stephen Curran
    Stephen Curran
    Acum lună

    Ive been saying this about hassans waist for quite a while

  82. Michael Concepcion
    Michael Concepcion
    Acum lună

    Imagine not training for 7 months ans then guest posing as the Hulk.

  83. Kevin Grove
    Kevin Grove
    Acum lună

    💪🏻 SPOT ON💪🏻

  84. Muscle Bone
    Muscle Bone
    Acum lună

    Roelly has been hanging out with the Liberals. 🤪

  85. ZoltanoMoltano
    Acum lună

    7:20 finally:) some aesthetics

  86. Wesl3y
    Acum lună


  87. elvis daod
    elvis daod
    Acum lună

    If you think brick walker will win top 3 with his unpleasant long thick midsection then you don’t know anything about bodybuilding. He hasn’t stood up next to big quality bodybuilders yet . Wait and see

  88. Hakuna Matata
    Hakuna Matata
    Acum lună

    Blessings updates have to be recent! His beard style was different last season!

  89. Dave Christian
    Dave Christian
    Acum lună

    Yo Blessing....though it's true shows are won from the includes the lower body clown....stick to your adolescent videos....suits ya much better kid

  90. Lipt0n2107
    Acum lună

    Where are Cbum in ur news? Where is Classic Physique?

  91. Fitntrainerke
    Acum lună

    Blessing is a typical beach bb'er. Good upperbody, very terrible legs..

  92. The Strength Doctor
    The Strength Doctor
    Acum lună

    Roelly will get special invite & win Mr.Olympia

    Acum lună


  94. Dennis Visser
    Dennis Visser
    Acum lună

    'Tight waste' come one Nick you know your waste is enormous🤣

  95. Portraitart_nayan
    Acum lună

    Compare Blessings hair comparison 😀

  96. Sayyed Saqib
    Sayyed Saqib
    Acum lună

    Bro, can’t u see the face difference.??? 🤦

  97. Doyle Dias
    Doyle Dias
    Acum lună

    Blessing isn't posting old pics, and yes he may definitely be in trouble. JUST TRAIN LEGS LIKE YOU TRAIN YOUR BACK, LIKE A MONSTER!

  98. NattyGainz
    Acum lună

    Maybe he has multiple pairs of red posing trunks

  99. JoeDg MD
    JoeDg MD
    Acum lună

    Nick Walker is going to blow everyone out at NY Pro change my mind

  100. Ginko Voivoda
    Ginko Voivoda
    Acum lună

    I`m pretty sure Blessing videos are recent. He looks very very good. Don`t forget this is his debut. Don`t expect him to be like Phil Heath 2011, and to be complete.