New York Pro Preview - Hassan, Nick, Justin Blessing 4 Days Out + Maxx Charles and Patrick Moore?

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0:00 Intro
0:08 Hassan Mustafa Latest Posing Videos
2:30 Justin Rodriguez 4 Days Out
4:44 Labrada
5:10 New York Pro Full Competitor List
6:38 Nick Walker 4 Days Out
8:25 Maxx Charles In Prep???
9:27 Patrick Moore Back Improvements

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  1. Nick's Strength and Power
    Nick's Strength and Power
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    TIMESTAMPS BELOW 0:00 Intro 0:08 Hassan Mustafa Latest Posing Videos 2:30 Justin Rodriguez 4 Days Out 4:44 Labrada 5:10 New York Pro Full Competitor List 6:38 Nick Walker 4 Days Out 8:25 Maxx Charles In Prep??? 9:27 Patrick Moore Back Improvements

    1. LJ
      Acum lună

      Hassan has a own channel here, so ig you want to see his physique updates, watch his videos. He's posing a lot, so you get a accurate view of what he looks like. Nice if you could promote his channel since you have a huge viewer base.

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      Vlogs By Alejandro
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  5. Just say no to eco
    Just say no to eco
    Acum lună

    My personal opinion on Nick Walker. He doesn’t have the structure. He has good muscle quality, he has good shape, he has muscle. But when he stands against guys with bigger frames Brandon, Akeem etc. even Justin. I know the first two aren’t in the show! Just in general through his career you’ll see. Kinda the Johnny Jackson thing. Tons of muscle but when he stands in the line up the frame isn’t big enough. Just my opinion

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    Hey nic your birthday is may 12? So is mine turned 35 yesterday

  10. Samuel A
    Samuel A
    Acum lună

    nick walker is not going to be top 3 in new york he is big but he has a horrible midsection (no gut!!) and his upper body is longer than his legs

  11. Jeremy Gavin
    Jeremy Gavin
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    Happy birthday Nick

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    Israeli zionists are thieves and murderers.
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    Justin, Nick, Blessing, Hassan in that order

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    Wait why didnt you cover the Pittsburgh Pro?

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    Josh Moorash
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    Justin’s biceps are nuts in that most muscular

  38. Manu3939393
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    5:52 rip my guy An Nguyen

  39. Jager Gerg
    Jager Gerg
    Acum lună

    I don’t think Blessing has any chance now.

  40. Joseph Campisi
    Joseph Campisi
    Acum lună

    Man, Hassan has a big waist. But that doesn’t matter anymore, does it? And you can see obvious injection sites in Maxx Charles’ oil filled delts. But that doesn’t seem to matter anymore either. I miss real bodybuilding.

  41. Robert Prince
    Robert Prince
    Acum lună

    Maxx Charles is gonna make sure Blessing doesn't place higher than him. Legs lag a bit but he comes in with crazy conditioning.

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  44. Jordan Spurlock
    Jordan Spurlock
    Acum lună

    Happy day late birthday Nick! Hassan looks gnarly, his biceps look several inches bigger than last year and he's looking more grainy 4 days out than he did on show day last year, I like his chances against Nick Walker and Justin. Justins physique reminds me of Shawn Rhoden but slightly less developed from the front but more developed from the back

  45. Ghousemg - Cod Mobile
    Ghousemg - Cod Mobile
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    Wow Hassan fixed his gut 😂

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    Omkar Patil
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    Happy birthday bro.. Big fan..

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    Lots of Nick fans on here. Let's not forget where we got to know him. Hosstile

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  52. Brian Osorio
    Brian Osorio
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    Nothing against Justin but why compete again if he’s already qualified for the Olympia?

    1. HeFromBrooklyn
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      C.R.E.A.M-cash rules everything around me..cream get the money dollar dollar bills yall-Wu-Tang Clan

  53. Sibendra Chanam
    Sibendra Chanam
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    We cannot predict by seeing instagram photos n videos untill on stage....same thing blessing also doing so much popular showing 2 weeks out 1 weeks out at photos n videos that they upload so much nice but at stages everything on contrast....

  54. Nathan Buxton
    Nathan Buxton
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    Cool Labradvertisement

  55. Mission Fitness
    Mission Fitness
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    Nick Walker for NY Pro.

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    bring 4k videos for us...the resolution of this videos are horrible

  59. KRD Dimitris
    KRD Dimitris
    Acum lună

    justin synthol shoulders and bicep :D

  60. David Bell
    David Bell
    Acum lună

    Hassan has one best aesthetically pleasing build in my eyes that’s in the up and coming NYP competition even though he won’t win.

  61. Tyron Benadie
    Tyron Benadie
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    Randy the Macho Man Savage in his prime bd Nick in his prime. Who you got ?!

    1. Teddy Mayle
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  71. Kasheem Stephens
    Kasheem Stephens
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    Dude with the glasses look like Nasser El sonbaty.

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    An Nguyen gets no love from Nick

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    Hassan.....Justin....Nick....maybe Morgan?

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    Hassan looks great, but his bloated gut is gonna hold him back.

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  86. These Endless Nights
    These Endless Nights
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    Justin has too much oil in his shoulders. Can’t believe he wasn’t penalized for that.

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    ishan ubale
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  89. Justin Palermo
    Justin Palermo
    Acum lună

    Agree 100% about Justin. Like you said in a previous video, the NY Pro was his original target show anyways so my $$ is on him coming into NY in even better condition than he was in Indy.

  90. Tom Saar
    Tom Saar
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  92. Prof E
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    Can a guy really look "dangerous" with his pants around his ankles?

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  94. Anthony
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    Happy birthday from England Nick

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    Lance Daniels
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    He's no where near the condition of Nick Walker even in this video. It's very clear!!!

  96. Devkumar Masram
    Devkumar Masram
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    Check hassan's channel, he said he did his prep while following ramdan that means no eating from morning 6 till evening 7 pm, if he had done it his prep smooth eating properly than nick, justin anyone would not be even close forget about defeating, u should address this, I'm not a religious promoter, but should address in ur video 💯

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