Thor down to 340lbs + Patrick Moore Secretly Prepping? + Logan Franklin looks INSANE + MORE

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0:00 Intro
0:08 Patrick Moore looks Like he Might be in Prep Mode
1:45 Shawn Smith OUT of Indy Pro
3:38 Regan Grimes at 280lbs - Start of Olympia Prep
5:07 Labrada
5:37 Thor Weighing 155kg/ 341lbs
7:30 Logan Franklin Prep for Texas Pro
8:42 Keone Pearson 11 Weeks Out

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  1. Nick's Strength and Power
    Nick's Strength and Power
    Acum lună

    TIMESTAMPS BELOW 0:00 Intro 0:08 Patrick Moore looks Like he Might be in Prep Mode 1:45 Shawn Smith OUT of Indy Pro 3:38 Regan Grimes at 280lbs - Start of Olympia Prep 5:07 Labrada 5:37 Thor Weighing 155kg/ 341lbs 7:30 Logan Franklin Prep for Texas Pro 8:42 Keone Pearson 11 Weeks Out TRY THE NEW LABRADA PRO SERIES!!! Head over to​ for a great deal use code NICK10 for 10% off.

    1. quest
      Acum lună

      Patrick been off I believe 6 months

    2. quest
      Acum lună

      They tryna rush him to comeback. But he always looks like this but once he diet down he don't have enough mass. He said he want 1st place he still has work to do

    3. Legend Gotta Catch Em All
      Legend Gotta Catch Em All
      Acum lună

      *MOORE GYNO* is all I see.

    4. DeTuned Art
      DeTuned Art
      Acum lună

      Keon looks great aside of the calves

    5. Can I get 100 subs no video
      Can I get 100 subs no video
      Acum lună


  2. hva faen skal jeg hete
    hva faen skal jeg hete
    Acum 29 Zile

    Nick are you saying that Hafthor Bjornsson was 455 pounds at his heaviest? well Brian Shaw was 460 pounds at his heaviest so it is possible.

  3. Michael Louthan
    Michael Louthan
    Acum lună

    Regan isn’t big enough. And for as much body fat as he puts on in his off season, he will never be able to diet down to be both lean and big enough. His structure is amazing. He should prep exactly the same way he does for men’s open but compete in classic. Maybe a tad smaller than that but his physique is so classic looking the size works for him in that division. He should go back to classic and stay there.

  4. temper44
    Acum lună

    I'm happy for Thor, he will be much healthier at this weight. Maybe he can get back into movies and media now that he has more of a mainstream look.

  5. Nic Burton
    Nic Burton
    Acum lună

    Mate ! Haven't you seen how shredded Eddie looks !??? Thor isn't the only one who's got ripped

  6. Jeremiah Saunders
    Jeremiah Saunders
    Acum lună

    I think reagan just need to put more size on i think he looks exactly the same every offseason thats just my opinion

  7. Michael Crepeault
    Michael Crepeault
    Acum lună

    Really Nick Keon’s has better genetics than Chris Bumstead? That’s a close one for sure. I think Bumstead takes the win however

  8. spencer layne
    spencer layne
    Acum lună

    I said Eddie and him was ro big. Eddie is still way to big. There is no way you can go longer than 3 round with that much size and muscle. But looking at these pictures if he drops another 50 pounds he will win

  9. Jeremiah Bachmann
    Jeremiah Bachmann
    Acum lună

    One would think that bodybuilders have better mirrors other than the one in the bathroom. Stop it, guys. Use a better location for the mirror shots.

  10. WPIALInsider
    Acum lună

    The picture of Logan is old, it's him in AJ Simms "Cement Dump"

  11. Binu
    Acum lună

    Patrick is a great bodybuilder and he has the genetics to become an MR.O in future . I believe he need to get more separation on his legs . His size is pretty good

  12. Michael McCallum
    Michael McCallum
    Acum lună

    I think regan is gonna win the Olympia one day!

  13. Michael McCallum
    Michael McCallum
    Acum lună

    Patrick Moore looks awesome! If I could step a physique, it’d be his for sure!

  14. 007stopjockin
    Acum lună

    Franklin looking ridiculous! That dudes structure is out of this world! 007

  15. Yg Bodybuilder
    Yg Bodybuilder
    Acum lună

    Why so much but swinging for Logan Franklin he barley made it in the top 10 and that's only because he get so much hype

  16. Dog Lover
    Dog Lover
    Acum lună

    Thor lost like 25% of his power tho (= but stil very strong

  17. Terry Donnelly
    Terry Donnelly
    Acum lună

    Thor is taking the fight more serious than eddie. i now think Thor is going to win. Eddie is way too big still.

  18. DJTXD
    Acum lună

    I like when Nick says someone looks pretty good when they're in the top 0.1% of humanity

  19. Mr.100 rupees
    Mr.100 rupees
    Acum lună

    Is it just me that thinks Eddie is looking way to fat coming up for the fight

  20. Rocko Johnson
    Rocko Johnson
    Acum lună

    Tbh, I feel like Regan already has a great physique. And this is not me trying to roast him but it’s my honest critique. I feel that his neck is too long for his physique and it makes him appear lanky because of it. I believe that a bigger back overall and more upper leg development would do him wonders on stage and make him appear heavier even if it’s just adding a few more pounds of muscle. A few pounds can go a long way. Since he’s a taller bodybuilder, legs and back are very important features that a lot of taller bodybuilders don’t realize how far it could push their physiques in terms of aesthetics and overall fullness.

  21. dm dm nussi
    dm dm nussi
    Acum lună

    @nick Strength and Power Do you believe Thor is natty at the moment? Of course he used steroids before, but does he still take it?

  22. Taylor Goldapske
    Taylor Goldapske
    Acum lună

    when I was backstage with Patrick at my competition he told me he was doing the cali pro

  23. Angel Conde
    Angel Conde
    Acum lună

    Grimes needs more peak on his biceps but thats genetics there isnt much he can do. Also in my opinion needs more lower lats but also it can be an ilusion do to him having a long torso thats the impression I get when I see him doing front/back double biceps and front/back lat spread. Love your channel 🤙

  24. Briz 1st Time
    Briz 1st Time
    Acum lună

    That pointer disturbed me a little

  25. Chad Moschino
    Chad Moschino
    Acum lună

    If logan keeps it up he can easy place top 3 at the O this year cuz breon fallin off

  26. Maggi Mar
    Maggi Mar
    Acum lună

    I find Thor's form amazing, I have full faith that he will win the strong Eddie even though it will be a very difficult task! Looking forward to the fight!

    Acum lună

    he just said to me hes gonna lock on a show in the end of the year

  28. Keith Reynolds
    Keith Reynolds
    Acum lună

    I can't wait to see Patrick and Keon. Missed seeing them both on the stage.

  29. H. S. L.
    H. S. L.
    Acum lună

    Are you off your meds comparing Logan Franklin to Chris Bumstead? Lol

  30. H. S. L.
    H. S. L.
    Acum lună

    The problem with Logan is everything

  31. Piggy :D
    Piggy :D
    Acum lună

    Thors traps are insane, he also looks amazing

  32. SuperBonefinger
    Acum lună

    Thor looks fantastic, but Eddie is more of a brawler and I think with his training will end up the winner.

  33. Lamb Chop
    Lamb Chop
    Acum lună

    thor might be able to compete in bodybuilding soon

  34. Michele Deardorff
    Michele Deardorff
    Acum lună

    I like the timestamp helpful

  35. Ricardo Lima Lopes
    Ricardo Lima Lopes
    Acum lună

    Why Regan Grimes always looks soft?

  36. David Strauss
    David Strauss
    Acum lună

    Is it just me or is Logans greatest strength his posing? He has a great physique forsure, but I don't feel it's nearly as impressive as some of his fellow competitors in the division, but his ability to display what he has far exceeds theirs.

  37. AlphaGamer
    Acum lună

    Thor lookin like a wall with a head on top lol

  38. Red BFit
    Red BFit
    Acum lună

    Logan looks more like Steve Reeves here

  39. Anders BS
    Anders BS
    Acum lună


  40. Robert Prince
    Robert Prince
    Acum lună

    Grimey has a great flow/structure; he just needs muscle maturity.

  41. ROB
    Acum lună

    I just hope Eddie KO's Thor then hopefully he'll stop bad mouthing Eddie

    1. J C
      J C
      Acum lună

      Lmao. Haftor's complaint in 2017 was pointed tiward Comin bryce for changing the evnents in favor of eddie the day of the competition and was inly knwo by close fans. Eddie has been trashtalkign everyone for 3 years and made it public all by himself. And you have the nerves to say haftor badmouth Hall ? XD

  42. Joseph Campisi
    Joseph Campisi
    Acum lună

    Logan is like Bumstead with good arms and no distracting tattoos.

  43. Russ Jowett
    Russ Jowett
    Acum lună

    Thor has basically lost his wife’s body weight!!

  44. Dak
    Acum lună

    Regan just needs to keep doing what he's doing and increase that muscle density, as he gets older he's just gonna look. Better and better.

  45. whitepanda98
    Acum lună

    You may lose a lot of ocd viewers if you ceep leving your mouse on the senter of the screan

  46. A D
    A D
    Acum lună

    The boxing match is going to be terrible

  47. Hassan Brun
    Hassan Brun
    Acum lună

    Keone has maybe the best overall genetics but Chris has some of the best for classic. They’re both so different but so gifted with their structure and mass combination.

  48. Hassan Brun
    Hassan Brun
    Acum lună

    How many shows are there for open this year? It doesn’t feel like a lot

  49. Allan Moe
    Allan Moe
    Acum lună

    The Thor vs Eddie fight will end up being an endurance battle. Eddie will gas and Thor will take over

  50. Marijo
    Acum lună

    Great video as always 👍

  51. Atif Aslam Siddiqui
    Atif Aslam Siddiqui
    Acum lună

    love from India ♥nick

  52. Roffe
    Acum lună

    Feels surreal that there is only a 30 kg difference between me and Thor at the minute.

  53. Rodney Jewett
    Rodney Jewett
    Acum lună

    Just my opinion. It's sad when two great athletes reach a stage where they have to make spectacles of themselves to stay relevant. I hope Eddie and Thor make enough to make their dog and pony show worthwhile.

  54. ZoltanoMoltano
    Acum lună

    0:35 he is getting ready maybe? seems 2 weeks out:)

  55. James Xavier
    James Xavier
    Acum lună

    Halfthor looks amazing!

  56. Devon Grogans
    Devon Grogans
    Acum lună

    You have to check out Jesse strand, him and Logan have been going back and forth leading up to the TX open kid is only 24 and insane I’ll send you is IG

  57. Gujakis
    Acum lună

    Keone Pearson looks totally insane! Amazing. Shame that he is not couple of inches higher. It would be great seeing him in Open klass!!

    Acum lună

    Patrick looking insane

  59. Tariq Nasir
    Tariq Nasir
    Acum lună

    Patrick Moore is the closest I've ever seen to Arnold.

  60. John Rademan
    John Rademan
    Acum lună

    Thor.. classic physique maybe? Eddie going to lose his turtle shell?

  61. Quincy
    Acum lună

    Can anyone tell me please what time the Indy Pro starts? (Central Standard Time Zone)

  62. Rocky Waters
    Rocky Waters
    Acum lună

    Patrick should have done a Dorian Yates and kept covered up, cos his physique updates don't really look any different to how he was before, so I'm not really expecting anything shocking tbh.

  63. cengizgokce81
    Acum lună

    Could it be that Logan is going to give cbum a hard time?

  64. Prasannjit Kumar
    Prasannjit Kumar
    Acum lună

    he always says couple of stories and has more than that

  65. Ozzy 87
    Ozzy 87
    Acum lună

    Most people but on weight and juice to size up for competition thor cuts down weight for competition

  66. Ahmed Sekti Adinata
    Ahmed Sekti Adinata
    Acum lună

    Can you please share the information regarding Bodybuilder Fahad Hzazi who passed away?

  67. Hesher
    Acum lună

    I think Eddie has a very big bubble gut and thats why he refuses to loose more weight.

  68. Hicham Khalala
    Hicham Khalala
    Acum lună

    Regan need to improve chest and quads

  69. 80 80
    80 80
    Acum lună

    Eddie needs to knock out Thor the first minute. After that he will gas out quickly.

  70. Shubham Thorat
    Shubham Thorat
    Acum lună

    I think the photo of Logan is an old pic he had posted same photo before his Olympia debut in classic physique

  71. Deepayan Sinha
    Deepayan Sinha
    Acum lună

    Why isn't the king of Indi(Steve Kuclo) not doing Indi pro??

  72. Newport
    Acum lună

    Thor’s got a bubble gut and chicken arms

  73. Guy Nakoa
    Guy Nakoa
    Acum lună

    Eddie got Thors number

  74. Newport
    Acum lună

    Patrick still about the same size lol

  75. Guy Nakoa
    Guy Nakoa
    Acum lună

    Regan just needs to gain size overall and balance he'll crack top 10

  76. Chris Young
    Chris Young
    Acum lună

    Regan just needs more size.. as big as he is he doesn't match up size wise on stage💪

  77. Sakis M
    Sakis M
    Acum lună

    Thor is not looking good, Thor is looking GREAT! 👏👏

  78. Aldista PM
    Aldista PM
    Acum lună

    Thor look like thor

  79. Dorian Quintero
    Dorian Quintero
    Acum lună

    Regan has an amazing structure. He just needs muscle maturity. So patience is what he needs.

  80. Freddie Higginson
    Freddie Higginson
    Acum lună

    Going off the photo I reckon regan needs to bring up his arms a bit and possibly his chest but he’s already looking really improved compared to last years off season

  81. dm dm nussi
    dm dm nussi
    Acum lună

    It’s very weird how flat Thor’s chest seems to appear. He looks so “thin” compared to before but still weighs so much. I believe the reason he doesn’t have that crazy bodybuilder look where you look so big is because of his massive and long frame. It’s harder to look thick with a 6’8 frame

    1. J C
      J C
      Acum lună

      90% of it is simply due to coumpounds difference. Thor isnt a bodybuilder, he doesnt care about looking hard. He's jsut a behemoth who lost bodyfat and is now much leaner than he was.before retiring. But je isnt blasting grams tren trying to have vein and rock looking muscles all over the place

    2. Hesher
      Acum lună

      Strongman don't really train chest that much, cause there is no event for it.

  82. 4D bullshit Patroll
    4D bullshit Patroll
    Acum lună

    Still think Patrick needed a full year bulking but then again need to cycle to avoid plataeu. He may do this every year and only compete once a year. If so he should have timed it closer to Olympia to qualify.

  83. Shubham Thorat
    Shubham Thorat
    Acum lună

    Patrick has a huge upper body just needs to focus on his lower body

  84. ALL Sports Kannada
    ALL Sports Kannada
    Acum lună

    Thor's is at 330 lbs now

  85. f4mily time
    f4mily time
    Acum lună

    Really trying to hype up Franklin !!

  86. Sickunt
    Acum lună

    Remember Regan 300 pound in oxygen gym in 2018 imagine if he didnt left he probably will be shooting for 1st place in 2021

  87. Nivram Nitomag
    Nivram Nitomag
    Acum lună

    Regan bicep and chest his weakest body part. Also conditioning.

  88. Shubham Dongare
    Shubham Dongare
    Acum lună

    Patrick 👎👎👎

  89. Greg
    Acum lună

    Patrick Moore is doing his “arm check” in that mirror. 👍

  90. waylander75
    Acum lună

    Thor is on fire gonna be tougher than Eddie thinks..he moving way better

    Acum lună

    I really think all Regan needs is just bigger arms😁💪🏾

  92. Price Rowland
    Price Rowland
    Acum lună

    Maybe Patrick was able to put on size more quickly than he expected, and so he's getting contest ready now that he has hit his size goals.

  93. Adam Benson
    Adam Benson
    Acum lună

    Eddie's transformation in my opinion has been far more impressive than thors. Thor will have the height reach advantage eddie will no doubt have the endurance and fight skills over thor. With that said if thor with his reach advantage can hit eddie good enough it could be game over but thats if he can as eddie is clearly being the faster and better prepared fighter of the two.

  94. Mark Ledbetter
    Mark Ledbetter
    Acum lună

    Eddie Hall

  95. Atom Tension
    Atom Tension
    Acum lună


  96. Dallas Stevens
    Dallas Stevens
    Acum lună

    Dude thor looks like a different person now. Damn he looks amazing and even at 340lbs. insane

  97. Jones
    Acum lună

    Nick had some insight into Patrick😉😉

  98. Porash S
    Porash S
    Acum lună

    Patrick is definately future O

  99. Fray Lanx
    Fray Lanx
    Acum lună

    If Chris Bumstead is Captain Canuck than Logan Franklin is the Winter Soldier.

  100. Robert Anthony
    Robert Anthony
    Acum lună

    Logan is classic!